Friday, 21 April 2017

New Makeup Purchases

Hello guys, today’s post is a short one on the little makeup products I’ve picked up recently and I’ve being enjoying using. As you all know, summer is fast approaching, meaning it is time to start saving up for holidays so I am trying to spend a little as I can.

Let’s begin:

Inglot Brow Gel - €16.00

“Introducing our new Waterproof brow liner in a gel form. This product is perfect to fill the eyebrows, emphasise their colour and give a distinct contour. Its texture is brilliant for shaping your eyebrows. Whether you want a dramatic brow or a natural one this product is perfect for you. We have 12 fab shades which we can guarantee you will fall in love with.

Yes, this brow gel is actually amazing. I’ve went on a night out, slept for a few hours and went back to a rave and my brows were still intact with just a tad bit of a smear. I would recommend this product for girls like myself with little to no brows and would still like to wake up beside bae with their faux brows.

Inglot Makeup Brush 31T - €14.00

This brush is absolutely perfect for applying Inglot brow gel and you actually have control over how much product you want to use and how you want the shape of your brows to look like.

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Primer Matte Base - €11.99

“L'Oreal's first priming base in a gel that mattifies the skin.
I love using this primer so much. I actually prefer it to my NARS primer plus it’s so much cheaper hahaha. After putting on this primer, I always feel that it makes my skin feel so much softer and my foundation always goes on smoothly.
You can find this primer in any boots store and at the moment, Boots are doing 3 for 2 on selected L’Oréal products
 L’Oréal Paris True Match Foundation - €14.99

L'Oreal's velvety formula matches your skin’s unique tone and texture, for a true to skin finish: flawless, blendable, and never fake.

This has to be my favourite foundation after my NARS foundation. This foundation just apply so smoothly and perfectly especially with a beauty blender and the coverage is amazing. My favourite thing about this foundation is that it doesn’t feel thick and I am given the freedom to get a full coverage without looking cakey.
You can find this online on Boots or in any Boots store or pharmacy.

L’Oreal Paris Superliner Black N Sculpt eye liner - €10.49

“The spherical eyeliner tip helps contour the eyes from any angle for a sculpted eye look.

This eyeliner is so easy to use even for begginers. The only thing I find annoying about this eyeliner is the ball point at the tip, I find that sometimes it can be quite annoying when I am tryng to draw the shape of my eyeliner but other than that, I would highly reccomend it.

 I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, I have a feeling I’m going to be doing more posts like this so stay tuned!
Until next time,
New Makeup Purchases
Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Mini Ali-express Haul | Chokers & Bralette

Hello guys,
Look at me getting my life together and actually staying updated with my Instagram AND Blog. I hope you are all doing well.

Today's post is all about the chokers and bralette that I purchased from a website called Ali-express. For those of you who don't know, Ali-Express is based in china and you can literally find almost anything on their websites. I usually order my hair from there and other little bits and pieces that I wouldn't really find in the shops. As it is based in China, delivery does take a long time to arrive but what if you are spending a lot of money e.g on hair, it is shipped with DHL so it usually takes less than a week.

In case you guys you didn't know, I've got quite an obsession with chokers. I just feel like it makes my whole outfit look perfect and also I have a skinny neck so I feel like I look prettier when I've got a choker on.

So here are the few chokers I decided to purchase from Ali-express. I also decided to buy some bralette while I was already on the website.

*The link to each product can be found just by clicking the title of each product*

Rhinestone choker Fashion €5.43


I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this post and find something that you like!

Until next time,
Mini Ali-express Haul | Chokers & Bralette